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What is the Audi RS6?

Already during my brief tenure at Feathered Throttle I’ve made reference to my dislike for BMW M cars, or rather my absolute belief that the AMG’S sh*t all over them.

Like I’ve said before, the M cars are like those smartphones that first came out with stylus’s – all fancy-schmancy and had owners who loved to show you how you can use it to crop pictures and write as if it were a pen – all very impressive. The AMG’s are more like the first cell phones you could watch porn on, whose owners loved to play crude videos for their friends at pubs, volume blaring, if you’re into that kind of thing.

But what is the Audi RS6?

I came across this Top Gear Drag Race Video and was stunned at the lambasting the Mercedes AMG took, this is an apples-for-apples and this is hard to watch. An actual real world 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds (this is not a typo!) Watch the video and you’ll find yourself daydreaming about a station wagon, even though you don’t have a wife and kids. Unless you do, in which case you’ll be day-dreaming about not having a wife and kids so you could actually afford one.

*The Audi RS6 is like switching off whatever cell phone you have and going to a strip club and getting a laptop dance, from two strippers, at once, OH YES!

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