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This may be ludicrous, but sometimes we just want to go fast!

Today, however, there is a myriad of choices out there. Well, that is if your pockets are deep enough. We have super light, minimalistic options like the Arial Atom, lean Swedish witchcraft engineering in the form of the Koenigsegg One:1 and brute, yet luxurious options like the Bugatti Chiron and don’t even get us started on the electric wizardry from the holy trinity.

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Best way to kick off 2015

When Lamborghini decide to update their current product range with an angry, four wheel drive, mini monster that snarls passed anything with less then 600 bhp, we should take the time out of our day to sit back and listen to what the Italian power house has to say.

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Ciao Lamborghini Asterion

Well the VW Golf 7 GTi has roughly 220 bhp (164kW). That means that the Asterion has four times more power then a GTi. Take 4 GTi’s, melt them into one machine, add in part hulk, a shot of Grappa and you might be close to experiencing how much power this Lamborghini actually has.