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Ford Mustang flunks safety test, badly

Ford’s sixth-generation Mustang has scored just two out of a possible five stars in the Euro NCAP crash test, the first time since 2008 such a low score has been handed out to a major automaker by Europe‚Äôs main safety body. That’s really not good, considering that most supercar fail videos begin, end and are mostly comprised of tail happy Mustangs mounting pavements like horny Jack Russells.

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Every family has one, especially Ford

The previous Focus RS is now making a lot more sense to buy and hold onto over the long-term as a potential investment. When that car came out the general perception was that it was a once off crazy experiment, these arrived in fewer numbers which meant that they are more limited in SA and again we saw prices that were inconceivable for any Ford model offered in SA across all the segments really.

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New Focus RS reveal might come early

It is often said that they fastest way from one point to another is with a straight line. Mr. Ken Block believes that the happiest way from one point to another is by traveling sideways, as fast as you can, with as much tyre smoke as possible and the rev needle bouncing off the limiter as much as possible.

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Nevermind cars, Jay Leno knows how to celebrate

Some might know Mr Jay Leno as the host of another tonight show, but in the world of firing pistons and smoking tyres, he is known as the man with arguably the most amazing Garage. So what does a man do when he leaves a talk show and all of a sudden has a little more time to throw around? Well one, he shows off his amazing car collection, and two, he reviews and test drives/rides new, old, modified, concept cars and bikes for our YouTube viewing pleasure.

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Home is where the… Interior is?

The BMW Z4 is a pretty cool car. The long bonnet and short, cozy cabin mean that as a driver, you have a great view followed by an dynamic soundtrack as you sit, pretty much, on top of the exhaust. The interior is a nice place to be too. Everything laid out within a finger stretch of everything else but definitely centred around the driver. Depending on how you spec out your very own Z4, the interior sends you hints of sportiness through the carbon fibre inserts, soft, yet firm leather seats and again, driver focused steering wheel.