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New Ferrari is Superfast

The ‘facelift’ Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is everything the car world guessed it would be, expecting the F12 M to have more power, a faster gearbox and revised interior. Oh and obviously new looks. We got all that but we almost got something we didn’t expect, a name change.

Zero sense

Makes zero sense Vol.4

Did you know that Fiat has a bakkie range called the Fullback?

From a single cab workhorse all the way through to a luxury double cab model. They pretty much go head to head with all the beloved Ranger and Hilux models. Good luck!

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Novitec McLaren 570S is quite a thing

Novitec is now turned their tuning wand to McLaren’s. Some of you may have seen the Novitec Ferrari F12 running around our local shores, or maybe you have heard it. That sound you confused for the apocalypse that fateful Saturday morning was actually that car, so not to worry.

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This may be ludicrous, but sometimes we just want to go fast!

Today, however, there is a myriad of choices out there. Well, that is if your pockets are deep enough. We have super light, minimalistic options like the Arial Atom, lean Swedish witchcraft engineering in the form of the Koenigsegg One:1 and brute, yet luxurious options like the Bugatti Chiron and don’t even get us started on the electric wizardry from the holy trinity.

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You want to customise your 458 Speciale Sir?

So, you have some spare cash lying around and you really like the already limited Ferrari 458 Speciale. I mean, what’s not to love, 4.5 litre V8 track ready beast that will devour most supercars on the track, and well on the road too. It is limited, so the chances of your neighbour having one is rather slim too. Remember that scene from Gone in 60 seconds:

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Home is where the… Interior is?

The BMW Z4 is a pretty cool car. The long bonnet and short, cozy cabin mean that as a driver, you have a great view followed by an dynamic soundtrack as you sit, pretty much, on top of the exhaust. The interior is a nice place to be too. Everything laid out within a finger stretch of everything else but definitely centred around the driver. Depending on how you spec out your very own Z4, the interior sends you hints of sportiness through the carbon fibre inserts, soft, yet firm leather seats and again, driver focused steering wheel.