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Speccing your McLaren 570S, this first world problem made easier

McLaren 570S - Design Edition- Edition 1

McLaren is now offering 5 ‘Design Editions’ for their more manageable more everyday 570S sports car. Basically, their internal design team came up with 5 different specs that owners can order as a package for about $10 000 (no word yet as to how much they will charge in Rands). So colour, trim, wheels and other odds and ends. The spec on these cars aren’t limited edition and can be found on the regular spec sheets but as a package, McLaren say that there is actually a saving over ticking them all individually. Exactly like a McDonald’s meal works out cheaper than buying the burger, chips and drink separately. The factory can push out more cars if they have a ‘standardised spec’ and buyers get a saving, so a win-win.

McLaren 570S Design Edition- Edition 1

Shouldn’t you just choose the options you like and get the car you want? Well think about clothes, say you’re well-heeled enough to buy shirts, pants and shoes from any designer label you can think of, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can walk up to your closet and select an outfit that looks great. Great options don’t ensure that you are going leave the house not looking like a knob!.

We think this is a really great idea. Just because you have the money for a McLaren doesn’t mean you have any idea of colour and aesthetic. What happens if your spec is horrid and you land up being the laughing stock of the South African 570S owners club? The last thing you want is awkwardness between you and the other two guys.

The Mclaren Design Edition 1…

The Edition 1, for example, comes in Vermillion Red. It also comes with diamond-cut, five-spoke alloys, a black – or “stealth” exhaust finish, red callipers and while the cabin is a mix of black Alcantara and red Nappa leather with Slate Grey contrast stitching.

Very distinctive McLaren Interior
Very distinctive McLaren Interior

If the idea of speccing a 5 million rand car on a computer screen is too daunting, then the Design Editions are for you. The last thing you want is to be the prick who drives a McLaren with the wrong colour seat stitching every day. Get the spec right means that people at the traffic lights won’t look at you with judgment or with any assumption of your penis size, actually, that’s not entirely correct, or is it?

*again, women can drive/own these cars they just generally choose not to because they aren’t in a continual pissing competition with everyone else in the world.

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