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The Jozi Jockeys race through Joburg


Lining up for the race through Jozi...
Lining up for the race through Jozi…

How do you tell South Africa that it is time for Joburg’s premier horse racing events? Take three part taxi drivers, add in one part chaotic Joburg city centre, one part horse racing commentary, race, insert catchy soundtrack, mix for about a minute and serve to the world on a red and white YouTube platter.

Voila, the beautiful people at Retroviral Digital, along with Aces Up Post Productions and Spitfire Films have brought the #SANSUIsummercup to digital life.

Now we know that Taxi drivers are not loved by everyone.

But showing what life is like from the drivers point of view and actually championing the drivers for this campaign adds a fresh, comedic spin onto what is always an anger fuelled conversation topic.

Hats off to everyone involved. See you at the races!

Published by Marko Mandusic

It is pretty obvious that I like cars, wait, LOVE cars, but apart from that, I like to run too. I have a funny feeling that these two interests are somehow related. A bit like coffee and waking up, which are my next two favourite things!

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