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How about a Bugatti thrashing hatchback anyone?

Petter Solberg

So, last week we introduced you to the world or Rally Cross. A mixture of no holds barred gravel and tarmac circuit driving that is quickly creeping it’s way to motorsport fans around the world. If Formula 1 cars are seen as state of the art, lightweight scalpels made from the sharpers and most exotic materials know to man, and NASCARS are more of a primitive hammer of power without sophisticated technology, then that would make a Rally car a little like a swiss army knife. The tool that get’s the job done, and if its bent in the process, well, just unbend it and carry on. Rally Cross are very similar to those gritty swiss army knives.

These cars might look similar to the mini hot hatchbacks rolling down your street, but that is where the similarities end, fortunately, because if that was the case, car salesman may try to sell you an Audi A1 1.2 as Rally Cross performance cars.

As these cars need to tip-toe their way around gravel and tarmac circuits, they need specific numbers to make it happen as quickly as humanly possible. Here are some facts.

Permanent all-wheel drive, 600bhp (450kW) with 900Nm torque, manual transmission, and ZERO driver aides. That means that these little rockets launch to 60mph (100km/h) in 1.9 seconds, oh they also need to withstand jumps and a bit of in-race bullying. Dents and dings you can fix with a hammer, and some duct tape. To put that into perspective, these cars will beat a Bugatti Veyron to 60mph (100km/h) by 0.6 seconds, almost a fortnight in racing terms. OK, it might not do 250mph, but these Rally Cross monsters will give you an instant facelift due to pure acceleration and grip.

Here is a little clip to show you what an RX car can do against, well, let’s say an F1 marvel.


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