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Paris Auto Show, burnt escorts and fancy wristbands

LaFerrari Aperta- images courtesy-

This past week was the Paris Auto Show.

We thought we’d go through some of the shows highlights and chip in our two cents worth.

Ferrari took the roof off their hypercar and added pinstripes. Aero had to be adjusted to force hot air away from the occupants. It was annoying that the first 458s had wheel arches that spontaneously burst into flames, but having bald heads and blonde escorts both burn to crisps in a LaFerrari Aperta is, well, funny and annoying depending on which side of the equation you are on.

*Feathered Throttle doesn’t condone burning escorts, Fords or Homosapien alike.

Ferrari also brought out some interestingly specced models to celebrate their 70th anniversary. Of the cars, all sporting different liveries from famous Ferraris of the past, we love the green 488 and the blue F12.

Honda showed us a Civic Type-R Prototype that we sure will look exactly the same once it goes into production, less the matt aluminium finish. They will be sticking with front wheel drive in hope of reclaiming their title at that track in Germany which for some reason is a benchmark for performance cars who will never ever be on a track , ever. You know what makes more sense, three tailpipes with the centre one being red! Which they actually did, which is awesome.

BMW showed an X2 concept, which had crazy tires and some nice design cues, all of which will never make it to the production car, meaning the X2 can slide completely unnoticed into a gap in the range that you didn’t know existed.

Once BMW discovers that they can use decimal points in their naming convention we could finally see the X1.5 and the X1.75 we have all wanted for so long.

There were a number of SUV debuts actually. Mercedes, as guilty of the above, introduced the EQ, an all-electric concept. Peugeot showed both a small and big SUV (3008 and 5008), interesting to see if there is any uptake from the South African market?

Audi showed their new Q5, easily confused with their current, pretty much identical, current Q5. Like an ex-wanting to get back together they claim most of their changes are ‘on the inside’, which is probably true but that analogy seemed fun.

Audi also showed their new RS3 Sedan, a car that in our mind makes far more sense than its Sportback sibling, at that price point buyers are moving away from hatchbacks. It has more power than the CLA45 AMG until next week when Mercedes will probably be releasing an updated version or BMW releases a more powerful model that sits between an M2 and an M3, probably named the M2.2, nailed it. Au Revoir



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