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Pagani unveil ‘least special’ Huayra Roadster

What words?

Horacio Pagani and the fine people at Pagani have unveiled their Huayra Roadster.



Much has been learnt from the BC meaning that the Roadster is more powerful, lighter and faster than the Coupe.

Producing 760bhp and coming with a carbon fibre removable roof (mimicking the look of the Coupe) as well as a fabric one, which can be stowed in the car, for an emergency. Obviously, there is some trick-active-aero, bigger brakes and the use of some pretty futuristic weight saving materials.

That finish, perfection

100 will be produced, all of which are already spoken for.

They will be just shy of £2 million and expect there to be a slew of special editions and ‘specialer’ editions and most special editions and then final special most editions. In fact, one famous Ferrari Collector (also an owner of the Huayra Coupe) stated moments after the launch that he wouldn’t be buying the Roadster but rather that he and Horacio had something special planned, meaning there was a special edition before the world has even seen the least special Roadster in the flesh.


These cars are pieces of art, with craftsmanship so exquisite it’s hard to believe they are made to be driven outside, to ever leave a showroom, where things that could potentially touch and ruin them, like poor people, or shit roads that poor people built. Unfortunately, with the artist still being around, they are, however, in a certain way, flawed and fleeting. Kinda like Leonardo da Vinci coming back to life painting a Mona Lisa special edition, say with a mustache, and then an even more ‘special edition’ where she has her tits out and then the most special one where she performs a gratutious sexual act on Picasso under a Starry Night sky resulting in a Jackson Pollock like facial ‘situation’. All becomes a pissing contest for who can spend the most and commission the most ridiculous.

All that bullshit aside, what a thing to behold.

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