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New Ferrari is Superfast

The ‘facelift’ Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is everything the car world guessed it would be, expecting the F12 M to have more power, a faster gearbox and revised interior. Oh and obviously new looks. We got all that but we almost got something we didn’t expect, a name change.

Introducing the Ferrari 812 Superfast

Ferrari’s presumed ‘last-run’ of it’s naturally aspirated V12 gets 789 horsepower through the use of some LaFerrari smarts and for the first time ever in a Ferrari, electric power steering.

As expected there is active aero and tech borrowed from the Ferrari tdf and the 458 Speciale. The interior is completely revised and yes the passenger gets that display we first saw in the GTC4 Lusso.

The look of the car is more in line with Ferrari’s current design language, you’d wouldn’t immediately connect this with the F12, but you should. It is essentially a mid-life cycle refresh of the Berlinetta but what marketing genius to give it this quirky name. Yes, the Superfast has a historic reference but we think this renaming is a psychological trick. A new name creates the impression of a new car, get the punters to part with their money one last time before the actual next-generation V12 flagship comes out. Far more exciting to own a Superfast than an F12 M. Also this model doesn’t exactly slot between the F12 and the F12 tdf. I’d be rather irate if Ferrari came out thing a new F12 that was maybe faster than my tdf, that I bought on the proviso that it was the ultimate F12. Think there is some merit to this theory?

What a stunning machine. Can’t wait to see actual images of the car at the Geneva Auto Show.

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