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New Mercedes “Dirty-Dancing” Advert might just be PG13


If there are young children near you, you might just have to close their eyes or else you might have a lot of early explaining to do tonight, and it might be a bit too soon for the birds and the bees talk for most.

So, what do you get if you pair a Mercedes AMG with a Mercedes Truck? Well, what do you get if you mix in a little bit of Dirty-Dancing?

Dirty-Driving anyone?
Dirty-Driving anyone?

It’s a bit of a laugh,¬†well done Mercedes.

Published by Marko Mandusic

It is pretty obvious that I like cars, wait, LOVE cars, but apart from that, I like to run too. I have a funny feeling that these two interests are somehow related. A bit like coffee and waking up, which are my next two favourite things!

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