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How many Porsche 911s do you need?

So, how many Porsche 991s do you need, or want?

A typical day scanning the classifieds usually starts with a journey through the always modified Subaru STIs, to the nimbler and purer rear-wheel drive sports cars, but like always I end up, without compromise, at the online home of pristine German engineering, Porsche.


While tripping over the new Cayman modifier I decided to pay my favourite page a visit to view the new 991 911. With that said, I am a simple man with simple tastes so I usually do not venture passed the stock standard rear-wheel drive 911, Carrera 2 with a manual gear gearbox and the Sports Chrono package. Preferably the simpler the better.

Before I happily skipped through to the configurator I hold back for a second as something caught my eye. Why are there so many 911s? I mean, what, there is there Carrera 2, 4 and a few other specs.

Oh no, sir, there are way more than a few other specs. To be precise, there are currently 14 variations of the 911 excluding the GT3, GT3 RS and 911 R. Yes you would be correct, there are 17 variations of the 911.

Let's just take a second and admire the 911 R
Let’s just take a second and admire the 911 R

Let’s play a quick game of “List ze German Porsches Ya”

  • Carrera
  • Carrera S
  • Carrera Cabriolet
  • Carrera Cabriolet S
  • Carrera 4
  • Carrera Cabriolet 4
  • Carrera 4s
  • Carrera Cabriolet 4S
  • Targa 4
  • Targa 4S
  • Turbo
  • Turbo S
  • Turbo Cabriolet
  • Turbo Cabriolet S
  • 911 R
  • GT3
  • GT3 RS

Yeah, here is the picture to prove it.


OH, and we are missing a possible GTS that was available in the 997 and the ever-mysterious GT2RS. That leaves us with a possible range-topping 20 Porsche Carrera 911 options.

OH, and this is excluding the extra options available on each and every 911. Some claim that Porsche are masters at building cars to fit specific to market segments. I believe that the only difference between Porsche and other manufacturers attempting to make cars that fit specific market segments is that Porsche hasn’t forgotten the importance of progression and proper engineering.


Now… Dank Porsche, jetzt, wie du warst!

Published by Marko Mandusic

It is pretty obvious that I like cars, wait, LOVE cars, but apart from that, I like to run too. I have a funny feeling that these two interests are somehow related. A bit like coffee and waking up, which are my next two favourite things!

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