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Makes zero sense Vol.3

Makes zero sense Vol.3

These days no one really makes a ‘bad’ car, if it comes from a reputable manufacturer no new car is going to sporadically break down, shed its wheels on the freeway or explode in a spectacle of oil, flames and clutch parts, well except for the Ford Kuga, secretly we think that no one knows what is currently happening there.

Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean nasty, KIA used to be as desirable as walking everywhere, which was a real catch 22 if you happened to find yourself on their showroom floor. Now, I mean have you seen the new Sportage? In the right spec you’d even look twice at an SUV, a Korean SUV. AND the new Stinger GT, well, come on?

As unlikely as it may seem one day we may be saying that about a Mahindra, but one day is not this day. Today we can collectively agree that lacing up and having a good old fashioned walk is preferable to driving their KUV 100.

We not even closer to April yet, this car is an actual thing that exists!


WTF is all there is to say.

This post is not about whether the car is any good to drive or if it’s more value for money than, for example, Steers’ Wacky Wednesday. We have not done one bit of research into this car whatsoever, it may run on happy thoughts like kids from Neverland, who knows, but honestly WTF is up with this car’s styling?

Three-eyed pig-rat mutant goats from Chernobyl watch documentaries on wherever this God-Forsaken creature was born. It’s so bad, harden feminists would get together to have a ‘make your own sandwich pity party’ if they found out a female had any hand in this car.

Couldn’t they have just copied the Germans, shit couldn’t they have copied anything,  like any car, ever? Shit at the very least look at what size tyres are available in the global market, where are you going to find 11-inch tyres for those noddy car wheels?

This really makes no sense

Can you imagine the mood board the designers used? We sure can and below are some of the influences they must have drawn on. This really makes no sense. Don’t do drugs kids, or else you may end up on the ‘design’ team at Mahindra, or worse, you may get super high and buy one.

Thought process- you know what looks nice? The new Land Rover Discovery, bar that pesky middle bit


Do we want a design that’s timeless? Tortoises live to be over 100 years old, that’s the same thing really, put it up on the board!














Look how cute this little guy’s look with small legs, wheels are a cars legs so we want out wheels to be oddly small! PUT IT ON THE BOARD










Who doesn’t like a chocolate log? Let’s make our car the hottest, most steaming chocolate log of them all! Mahindra is never gonna be number one guys but they certainly can be a number two.


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