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Beautifully crafted Pagani Huayra gets a custom exhaust? Really?

It is like a real-life transformer - "Pagani rollout!"

So, anyone that knows anything about the Pagani Huayra knows that it has been crafted from the floor up. No dear friend, not produced, manufactured or even built, but rather meticulously crafted from bolt and washer, to engine note. What we mean by this is that Pagani don’t just design a car in a wind tunnel, then say “ya, let’s built it, who’s got a screw driver?” Each and every Pagani is made to be perfect through the eyes of Mr Horacio Pagani himself. Painstakingly this means that each and every wash, nut and build is designed to be perfect, aesthetically and purposefully.

How much detail goes into a Pagani?

An example of this are the 8 or so bolts that attach the rear of the car (where the engine is based) to the cockpit, if you find yourself sliding towards a large, sturdy object, the 8 titanium bolts will snap on impact thus distributing the force of the crash and separating the driver from the rest of the car. Yes, 8, perfectly designed titanium bolts with the Pagani logo on them. OK, but that is something useful, surely Mr Pagani isn’t that OCD? We correct you once again. He has made sure that the bracket that holds the seats above the cabin floor are crafted again, this time out of carbon fibre. In case the owner drops a 1 Euro coin and it rolls under the seat, he will then notice how beautiful the brackets are.

Words... We have none!
Words… We have none!

These are aesthetics within the cabin, but what about the exhaust? Stainless steel, maybe titanium? Well they have gone for cutting edge design with state of the art engineering. Pagani approached MHG for this, yes the same MHG with over 20 years of experience in Formula 1. Selected titanium, hydro-formed tubes with sandblasted Pagani signature. All of this by hand. The final exhaust weighs less than 10kg. So why, why would anyone think that after all of this, another manufacturer could better it?

It is like a real-life transformer - "Pagani rollout!"
It is like a real-life transformer – “Pagani rollout!”

We have seen supercars with modified and customised exhausts and extra bits. Everything from Lamborghini Aventadors to Ferrari F12s, but this, in our opinion is one car that can’t be bettered. After watching the Pagani documentary, one cannot argue that the car is near perfect. Yes it might not be the fastest, but the way the entire car is put together, you can actually understand why it costs you 1 million Euros. We understand that most supercars aren’t actually that special and that a little modification here or there will actually add to the car’s uniqueness, but we also understand what has gone into the Huayra and for that reason alone, this is one supercar that should never be modified.

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