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Ford GT Order Kit, coolest lunch tin ever?

Ford GT Order Kit

Ford GT Order Kit, coolest lunch tin ever?

The car world was all a buzz when they got their first glimpse of the new Ford GT, even more so when the application process placed emphasis on prospective buyers social media influence.

To get one of the 500 original build slots prospective buyers had to fill out a questionnaire (pretty standard) and put together a 60-second video stating why they thought they deserved to be an owner of one of these 500 cars. Obviously existing Ford ownership would help, owning the last GT would be in your favour and owning an original GT40 would probably be a slam dunk.

They also want people with motorsport history or interest, presumably, in the hope, they would take their new GTs to track days and the like. They also want people with social media presence, in hopes that they would market the car and brand organically, makes sense.

Obviously with massive demand and short supply most people didn’t get a slot and some people were upset, all history now as they original slots are all taken and in some very cool, very thoughtful marketing, Ford sent out a ‘Ford GT Order Kit’.

Ford GT Order Kit

Ford GT Order Kit, best looking lunch tin ever?


Basically its a carbon fibre box which opens using an actual latch from the racing Ford GTs (a petrolhead’s wet dream). In this box you’ll find paint colour and style options, wheel options and interior colour options, with actual samples of materials used.

Options options options! Ford will obviously spec cars outside these options but would you wanna risk delaying delivery?


It’s a car configurator, come-lego-set slash exquisite piece of automobile art.

Ford you really nailed this, if the attention to detail is like this on something like the order kit the actual car is going to be something quite special.


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