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Ferrari SP275 RW, because the F12 tdf is just so common these days

Ferrari SP275 RW started life as a F12 tdf and now is something even more special- image courtesy

Every now and then someone with a bucket load of money wants a new Ferrari but doesn’t quite feel they can spec it enough to be it unique. Thank goodness Ferrari’s Special Projects team can come to the rescue and build them a bespoke variant of any one of its current crop of cars.

Enter the Ferrari SP275 RW Competizione

Their latest creation, the SP275 RW Competizione, was shown for the first time at the year-ending Finali Mondiali event at Daytona International Speedway this last week.

Ferrari SP275 RW - image courtesy
Ferrari SP275 RW – image courtesy


Not many details are available about the car but industry experts guess that it’s based on the Ferrari F12 tdf, rather than its regular, plain jane sister the F12 Berlinetta. That means you get a front-mid-mounted 769-horsepower V12 and rear-wheel steering, it also means a 0–60 mph time of 2.9 seconds.

Ferrari SP275 RW- image courtesy
Ferrari SP275 RW- image courtesy


Other special editions of Ferrari’s current V12 flagship have been spotted, notably the F12 TRS or the F12 SP America.

Ferrari F12 TRS - what a beast!
Ferrari F12 TRS – what a beast!


More understated, a tip of the hat of the 250GTO
The F12 SP America is more understated, a tip of the hat of the 250GTO


When we think of Ferrari Special Project cars we think of the SP-12 they built for Eric Clapton. This car started off as a 458 Italia and ended up a $4.7 million piece of art. The 458 was just about every car journalists favourite supercar of the period, even someone with ‘slow hands’ could safely wring its neck. See what we did there!

Eric Clapton's 4.7 million dollar SP-12
Eric Clapton’s 4.7 million dollar SP-12

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