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Ferrari J50, a celebration of 50 years in Japan

Ferrari celebrate 50 years of selling cars in Japan with the J50

Ferrari has, out the blue, announced a limited run car celebrating 50 years of selling cars in the Japan.

Based on a 488 Spider this J50 is more than a special paint job and some seat embroidery, it’s a whole different animal.

Ferrari J50, from the lights back this thing is exquisite Ferrari Design


The tail lights are reminiscent of those on the F40 and F50 (that black stripe divide is copy and paste from the F50, which is, well, so cool). The rest of the car honestly looks like an artist rendering of a Ferrari that doesn’t quite sit in the present and that’s not entirely a negative.

Should all Ferraris have 2 circular tail lights? A little Veyron inspiration at the rear?


Apart from some seriously cool wheels, hugging sports seats, a rear diffuser which features ‘an extractor shape inspired by jet engine afterburners’ you also get 20 or so more horsepower.

Sports Seats look special

They are only gonna make 10 cars, all of which are probably already spoken for.

Red detailing is quite something!


What do you guys think of this car’s styling? We love everything except the front lights, they don’t really have any hint of Ferrari DNA in them, in fact, if you look at the front on the side profile shot the lights kinda have a Lamborghini Huracan vibe? Actually, the front end is basically the love child of a Huracan and a Catfish, amirite?


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