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The definition of the word Douche, with video support and a broken Mustang

To kick-off this post, we need to explain the definition of “DOUCHE” – Thanks to Wiktionary they have provided us with the below description.

Noun – douche (plural douche)

• A jet or current of water or vapour directed upon some part of the body to benefit it medicinally; in particular, such a jet directed at the vagina for vaginal irrigation.
• Something that produces the jet or current in the previous sense, such as a syringe.
• (slang, derogatory) A contemptible person; a worthless, brainless or disgusting person. (Compare douche bag.)

To help us further explain why being called a “Douche” is such a terrible thing, we present the Urban Dictionary version of the word below.

“A word to describe an individual who has shown themself to be very brainless in one way or another, thus comparing them to the cleansing product for vaginas.
you’re such a douche… i wish i knew your existence was this pathetic when i started hanging out with u.”

To help us further, we have this very video clip taken from the dash-cam of a very expensive, much loved Mustang. The owner, Dutch expat Antoine Adams handed over the keys to his car to a valet at Madinat Jumeirah and the accident was captured and now shared around the world on YouTube. The valet driver was taken to hospital after receiving injuries to his face in the accident, which occurred on Thursday night, 11 December 2014.

Reports state that the engine is literally broken. The front suspension is badly damaged. Antoine (43 years old) bought the car only nine months ago just after the birth of his daughter. “It’s been my dream car and now it’s crushed. There was blood all over the car and the airbag was out.”

How angry would you be if this was your car? Well Antoine (who might be the calmest petrolhead walking this planet) had this to say, “But I don’t blame the driver at all. He just made a mistake and I forgive him. He accidentally pressed the gas pedal instead of the brake,” he added.

The valet service confirmed that the repairs to the car will be covered by its insurance and has offered Adams a replacement vehicle.

We personally hope that the driver is ok, I mean, let’s face it, someone had an accident and was hurt. With that said, here is a little message from Bill Murray 🙂

Douche Bag!
Douche Bag!

Check out the video below…

What a douche!

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