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Ciao Lamborghini Asterion

LPI 910-4. Yes that is right 910 bhp

“OH Sir, the draught is extra cold and free today.”

“Just sit back and relax, you deserve this.”

“Don’t worry about work today, go home early.”

These are all sayings that gets men very excited. OH, those and “There is a new Lamborghini.” Yes folks, there is a new Lamborghini on the horizon. Following in the tread marks as it’s hyper/super-car rivals, it’s a hybrid, but not just any hybrid, this one is a GT.

For those of you that stumbled upon this site while looking for bedding or the migration patterns of birds and who have decided to read on further, a GT car is better known as a Grand Tourer. A car that is used for long, extended cross country/continental trips where the three most important things are comfort, driving experience and (to quote Jeremy Clarkson) POWER!

So why would you get a Lamborghini in this case? They know nothing about comfort, ask anyone that has even attempted to push down a Diablo clutch pedal, or anyone that has ever tried to reverse any early 2000 Lambo?

Lamborghinis have always been the “batshit” crazy super-car manufacturer. Yes they might have been lassoed by the 4 ringed Germans, but Lamborghini have still managed to sneak out limited  “MAD SCIENTIST” editions of their muzzled models. Case in point, the Gallardo Balboni. So what are they doing in the GT department? We think that they might be revisiting a few of their, much older, GT successes and maybe they just want to step away from the wild, crazy Lamborghini tradition. Remember this is just a concept car, a little bit boring on the outside, but that we think, is where it stops.

McLaren, Ferrari and Porsche have all shown their hands with regards to ultra fast petrol and electric hybrid. This might be Lamborghini’s attempt to join that poker table. Can it match up with the super electric hybrids? Probably. Numbers, and rumours suggest that this touring bull is packed with a 607 bhp (roughly 453 kW) 5.2 litre V10 borrowed from the Huracan, 7 speed dual clutch transmission and an electric motor mounted onto the transaxle which should throw in an extra 300 bhp (220kW). With all of that, you end up with one spicy jalapeno. Roughly 907 bhp (677 kW) to be exact.

How much is that to us average humans. Well the VW Golf 7 GTi has roughly 220 bhp (164kW). That means that the Asterion has four times more power than a GTi. Take 4 GTi’s, melt them into one machine, add in part hulk, a shot of Grappa and you might be close to experiencing how much power this Lamborghini actually has.

So again we ask, will it compete with its pulse bursting rivals. NO! This is a GT car not a track smashing new aged hyper-car like the P1, La Ferrari or the 918 Spyder, but what Lamborghini have done though, is offer the first ever hybrid GT car. Want to drive down to Monaco for the F1 in style, comfort and still have enough power to kick start the planet, this might be the car to do it in. For now it is still a concept but looking at the conservative approach they have taken in the design, we don’t see any reason why Lamborghini could not start production tomorrow.

Here are some interesting words from Lamborghini’s CEO Stephan Winkelmann (so not Italian).

‘We all know what we have to do. Down the road we see turbocharging and plug-in hybrids. There is no way out – assuming the legislation doesn’t change.’ 

‘Even if we might be granted an exemption – as a small manufacturer – there is also the issue of social acceptance. Things are changing. People are more aware, more sensitive… Many of our customers are entrepreneurs. These people don’t just have passions, they have sharp minds and they know what is going on in the world.

‘There are perception issues, like it or not, and when you are perceived as an outlaw you no longer fit into the big picture. So we need to adjust, while remaining consistent to the brand.’

Thanks to the gents at Top Gear UK for this little bit of info. You guys rock.

OK, enough jibba-jabba, here she is. The Lamborghini Asterion hybrid concept.

Conservative for a concept car, although 907 bhp is not really conservative.
Conservative for a concept car, although 907 bhp is not really conservative.


Looks comfy...
Looks comfy…


Lamborghini Asterion Lights
Those are familiar lights


Where is the "do not push" button?
Where is the “do not push” button?


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