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Need to charge up your Monday and your BMW i3…

Need to charge up your Monday and your BMW i3…

Morning, I hope that everyone doesn’t feel as flat as I do on this Monday morning, and that goes for your car too. If this is the case and you are the owner of the latest generation of squeaky clean, urban run-around BMW i3 that has a flat battery, or you might need a little charge to get going, then don’t worry, these guys have a solution for you, well kind of.

This is a super impressive little car. With carbon reinforced plastic, that weighs less then steel but is equally as strong and it’s crazy “clown car” turning circle and evergreen/spacey interior and design, how could you not?

Well That is until you buy one without the option petrol motor that will charge the car when you run out of electrical “juice”. These guys might have the solution for you.

Let’s just call it a work in progress, but I think someone might latch onto this idea and make it work.

Published by Marko Mandusic

It is pretty obvious that I like cars, wait, LOVE cars, but apart from that, I like to run too. I have a funny feeling that these two interests are somehow related. A bit like coffee and waking up, which are my next two favourite things!

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