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Come one, come all to the greatest show on Earth

Could Rally Cross be the MMA/Cross Fit answer to traditional motorsport? Well good thing for you, we are going to take a closer look into this sport, the history, drivers and cars in the following week. After that, we will leave you to make up your own mind on whether this is just another 1 year fad that will turbo whistle off into the sunset, or is World Rally Cross here to stay?

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Roush Mustang – OH YES the 2015 Roush Mustang

When it comes to tuning a Mustang, there are only two tuners that should share the iconic name with Mustang. The famous Shelby (that’s Carroll Shelby) and the other, Roush. Both tuners don’t just tweak the already powerful Mustang, they revisit almost every aspect of the car and transform them into super car smashing beasts.

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Ciao Lamborghini Asterion

Well the VW Golf 7 GTi has roughly 220 bhp (164kW). That means that the Asterion has four times more power then a GTi. Take 4 GTi’s, melt them into one machine, add in part hulk, a shot of Grappa and you might be close to experiencing how much power this Lamborghini actually has.

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The Jozi Jockeys race through Joburg

How do you tell South Africa that it is time for Joburg’s premier horse racing events? Take three part taxi drivers, add in one part chaotic Joburg city centre, , one part horse racing commentary, race, insert catchy soundtrack, mix for about a minute and serve to the world on a red and white YouTube platter. Voila, the beautiful people at Retroviral Digital, along with Aces Up Post Productions and Spitfire Films have brought the #SANSUIsummercup to digital life.