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Which 911 would you buy? Our morning with an Audi R8

Feathered Throttle were offered an Audi R8 for the morning this last weekend by our friends at Prestige Marques, all on the proviso we got it washed and took some photos, a deal we took, obviously.

In my excitement, I told everyone who would listen. Unfortunately and for reasons that we certainly don’t understand some people aren’t ‘car people’. “It’s the Ironman car” prompted at least a hint of a reaction. “It’s the same motor they put in Lamborghinis”, nothing, ok cool.

10.10 AM – arrive at Prestige Marques to be greeted by the other half of Feathered Throttle, we both try to kerb our excitement, play it cool with small talk about our Friday evenings. Who we kidding? Neither of our hearts are in this catch-up.

The Walk Around

Those side blades are the most distinctive design feature of the car, we both agree that even if you have to sell a kidney you have to have those in carbon fibre. The wheels are probably the most obvious differentiator between the V8 and V10 siblings but as a final check you can look through the glass engine cover at the carbon plate with its V10 FSI insignia, did I mention this is a Lamborghini motor?

Did I mention this is a Lamborghini motor!

Interior wise its very Audi, which means very good. If we have to be honest, our attention and gaze were transfixed solely on that beautiful aluminum gated gear lever, petrolhead admiration for a dying breed.

YES! Manual!
YES! Manual!

I stand outside whilst Marko starts it up. It sounds like a V10 cold starting in a garage, so f#%king awesome.

In respect to the run-time of the piece lets skip the middle bits where we um and ah about being in this car, where we go on about how great the manual is and how fluidly it slides into gear with a slickest most satisfying mechanical click.

You could say we were excited about our morning ahead
You could say we were excited about our morning ahead

The Car Wash

Does it feel cool having the best car at the car wash, well yes. Is it incredibly shallow to lovingly feel the gaze of admirers and haters alike, yes. Did it ruin our cool image when we had to youtube how to open the glass engine cover only after we had both searched every nook and cranny ourselves first, most certainly yes. Should we have watched the video to the end so that once we had found and pushed the release button we didn’t have to both try and fail at lifting the glass cover, again yes. Fail.

The Review/ Car Wash Coffee Shop

OK, I’m gonna Tarantino a little here. Fast forward to Monday morning. Worried we had missed something I watched several reviews on pretty much the same car we drove. They all loved it and kept on banging on how it is so accessible, truly an everyday supercar. Jump back to the coffee shop.

‘Two large cappuccinos please’ and just like twins who share an unexplained connection, Marko and I both look at each other and ,we shit you not, both say we’d rather take a 911, literally any 911 the R8 money could buy.

It’s not the Audi R8, it’s us!

I couldn’t understand the discrepancy between the reputable reviews I watched and our personal experience.

The root of all disappointments lies between expectation and reality. We expected this ‘everyday supercar’ to be just a supercar without really being cognizant of what ‘everyday’ would actually mean. We wanted it to be like the Lamborghini Gallardo, where you sit really low and it is loud and rough around the edges. We wanted white knuckles and jarring gear changes. We didn’t get that but the R8 isn’t about that.

This car in our minds sits between a sportscar and a supercar and yes it is ironic that we are suggesting another segment in the market. You buy this car because it’s a daily driver that sits on the right side of the ‘what a cock that guy looks driving that to work’ line. Or you buy this as a gateway to the Lambo, you want those looks of admiration and hate but you are scared to take the leap but if taking an R8 to a car wash is any indicator you certainly will.

Whichever of the two you are please head over the Prestige Marques Facebook page and enquire about this mint conditioned car. Thanks again to the team at Prestige Marques.

*Feathered Throttle tip, choosing the correct car wash is crucial, who cares about the job they do you just want a car wash with lots of traffic in an affluent area where there will be BMWs and Mercs but don’t overshoot the mark, the last thing you want is an Aventador SV or Ferrari F12 TDF rocking up and stealing your shallow thunder, hahaha.

 ** The ‘what a cock that guy looks driving that to work’ line doesn’t imply women don’t drive nice cars. Women just aren’t trying to have a penis competition with all and sundry and as such don’t drive two seater impractical sports cars to work and if they do they are sexy not balding and middle age.

Moments before we ruined our rep trying to open the glass engine cover
Moments before we ruined our rep trying to open the glass engine cover



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