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Turbo, yes more turbos for more 911s?

So, rumour has it that all of the models throughout the 911 range might be turbo charged in the future. These reports come form our friends at Autoblog and Car and Driver. What does this mean for the future of entry level 911? Well, apparently we might see a displacement drop from 3.4 to 2.9 litre flat sixes, which might not be a bad thing as modern day turbo technology has really helped rid the world of powerless engines and high fuel consumption, with that said these engines are rumoured to produce around 400bhp, yes folks, we said 400bhp, which in Porsche terms is 400bhp, (around 300kW) on the road power, as they know how to get the power from the flat six onto the tarmac. This 2.9 litre engine might not be a bad thing, remember that the iconic Ferrari F40 and it’s nearest river, the Porsche 959, both ran a 2.9 litre turbo setup back in the late 80’s/early 90’s. That brings us to the “not-so-entry-level” 911’s, the 911’s just under the Turbo and Turbo S? Well again, rumour has it that the higher spec 911 will have the 3.8 we all love so much, with a turbo, producing around 520bhp (around 385kW). Not bad at all. That is not far off what the current 911 Turbo produces.



200mph + 80's supercar, that's almost unheard-of
200mph + 80’s supercar, that’s almost unheard-of

To be brutally honest, this is no surprise as the modern day trend is to develop an engine that is smaller, lighter, more efficient, yet more powerful then its previous naturally aspirated cousins. The same rumour has been floating around with the Caymen and Boxster. Again, smaller engines, more turbo’s and subsequently more power. Does this mean that the cars will be completely different from its naturally aspirated older cousins? Probably not, BMW have moved away from the naturally aspirated engine and directly into the turbo charged pipeline of force fed induction and the average consumer can’t even tell the difference.

So, turbo charging is great, more power, smaller fuel bill (kind of), newer technology which we cannot wait to see what Porsche, and other manufacturers, have hidden away in their turbines of change. With that said, we cannot start feeling a little sad about this mass exodus from naturally aspirated to turbo charged engines. We all knew that this was going to happen, new technology pushing out the familiar, older, machinery well all grew up to love so much. What are we talking about? Well, we are referring what about the 993, VarioRam air-cooled Carrera, the E46 banshee shrieking straight six M3 and the building rumbling V8 from the C63 AMG, these engines like these will most probably not see the light of production lines in the future and anyone who has experienced these cars will know that the heart and soul of these machines lie in those engines. Not saying that turbo charged engines doesn’t have character, they do, it’s just different from the naturally aspirated engines we know.


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