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You want to customise your 458 Speciale Sir?

So, you have some spare cash lying around and you really like the already limited Ferrari 458 Speciale. I mean, what’s not to love, 4.5 litre V8 track ready beast that will devour most supercars on the track, and well on the road too. It is limited, so the chances of your neighbour having one is rather slim too. Remember that scene from Gone in 60 seconds:

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Ciao Lamborghini Asterion

Well the VW Golf 7 GTi has roughly 220 bhp (164kW). That means that the Asterion has four times more power then a GTi. Take 4 GTi’s, melt them into one machine, add in part hulk, a shot of Grappa and you might be close to experiencing how much power this Lamborghini actually has.