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Smart Forfour and conversation ground hog day…

This morning, driving to work and obviously partaking in some standstill traffic I had a thought. Actually, I had several but not all inspired a blog post, yes I’d love to rant about morons who drive down the yellow lane in traffic, who do they think they are with their red lights and sirens?

Or even worse are those people who decide that peak hour traffic is a cool time to break down, its election week so lets be positive, typing this now I’m thinking the uploading of thumb pictures could fuel a blog post entitled… “pictures of opposable thumbs ironically symbolise losing grasp of what’s important”.

This blog post is about the Smart Forfour (the 1st generation, aka Gen 1) and no, I’m not gonna sign it off ‘more like the Dumb Forfour. Amirite?” My ten minutes of internet research has indicated that they are actually pretty good cars. Should you find yourself in the market for a second hand one, for a reason that I’m sure that regular people couldn’t grasp, beware the conversational ground hog day that awaits;

Every person you show the car too;

Smart owner – Hey guys come outside and look at my new smart
Smart people – I thought smart cars were those small things
Smart owner – No this is also a smart, a big one
Smart people – I didn’t know they made these


Every person you tell about it;

Smart owner – Hey guys I’ve gone and bought myself a smart
Smart people – What’s a Smart? Isn’t that a tiny car? How are you gonna fit?
Smart owner – No it’s a big Smart, like for four people it’s called the Forfour
Smart people – Oh I didn’t know they made these

Every person who drives behind you;

Smart people (thinking to themselves) – This Smart isn’t tiny, didn’t know they made these!

The new Smart Fortwo and Forfour are actually both really great looking Renaults, I mean cars, and there is design continuity between the small and big sibling, so now when people see either they’ll think to themselves, ‘wow I didn’t know they still made Smart cars, they don’t seem as small now’.

New Smart Fortwo and Forfour- image courtesy
New Smart Fortwo and Forfour- image courtesy







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