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Porsche aren’t about that life, at all.

We have often ranted about the ever increasing model line-up of Mercedes and BMW, they fit ‘segments’ between segments and then cram a ‘new’ model inside those still. Can’t help but feel they may start doing lots of things averagely instead of the basics really well. Also, their behaviour is that of young teens, if their peers are doing it they feel a massive pressure to do the same. The new BMW half sedan, half amphibious MPV roadster will spawn idiocy to match from say Mercedes and, eventually, there’ll be trickle-down to other manufacturers who will follow without asking if it actually makes any sense to do so. There seems to be a market for anything but who are these people buying these stupid cars? Please come forward and let us map your brain, we need to understand.

These two marques are not the only guilty ones but they are an excellent example of producing models targeted at segments that sit at lower price points, getting more buyers into the family but without diluting the aspirational appeal. We may take it for granted now but it was a big deal when BMW brought out their 1-Series and Mercedes their A-Class hatchback.

These cars put those brands in the hands of a new market who were willing to pay a premium to sport that badge. Was a great move for these brands no doubt. A less obvious example that comes to mind is the Maserati Ghibli, a Maserati Sedan that is more reachable than their flagship Quattroporte. There have been talks about an entry level V6 Ferrari to go against the 911 for years.

Just about every manufacturer is currently making or developing an SUV, could we see the higher end brands also start to produce ‘cheaper’ cars that more buyers could stretch the tips of their fingers to reach? Well, Porsche has given their answer, it’s a hard no.

Porsche AG global sales chief, Detlev von Platen told Automotive News;

“There is absolutely no intention to go below what we have today,” von Platen said at the Porsche Experience Center that opened in Carson, Calif., recently. “We have nothing to gain by creating a cheaper Porsche in the future. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality in what we do.”

Sorry if you were holding out on that to be part of the Porsche Family. Presumably, the current range is far too pricey if you were, so our best advice is to change the scale. If 1:1 isn’t panning out, 1:18 scales models can look really realistic with some thought out photography and can very easily be introduced into your Tinder profile without anyone being the wiser.

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