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LaFerrari, the cheapest car ever?

LaFerrari bargain? - image courtesy

Saying a Ferrari, let alone its flagship hypercar is the cheapest car ever seems like a ridiculous notion and even though it’s on the internet, it simply can’t be true. Well it is, the 500 or so buyers who were afforded the opportunity to buy a LaFerrari essentially paid zero Dollars for it.

In fact, it was cheaper than that. Those lucky few capitalists pretty much paid negative one million Dollars. Unlike a “sounds too good to be true” penis pill, advertised on a lampost which promises you a fifth appendage, this is actually true.

How does this work?

Well, the La Ferrari had a sticker price of say 1.2 million Dollars and they immediately traded for a million Dollars premium second hand, conservatively. Like Amish conservative!

That means every car you have ever driven past, even the rusted carcases you lying in a scrap yard cost more than a La Ferrari. I am being a bit silly now, but it really proves my point.

You could argue that to be invited to buy a LaFerrari you had to have spent money on other Ferraris to get to that point? Well, the good news is you too made silly money there, 288 GTOs, F40s, F50s and Enzos aren’t exactly depreciating assets, and yes, maybe you had to piss some money against the wall buying some of their newer cars like a 458 or F12, but that’s lunch money.

F50 - Enzo - F40 - 288 GTO
F50 – Enzo – F40 – 288 GTO

If you sold your La Ferrari you probably won’t make the popular Modena Christmas Card mailing list, nor will you get to buy the Spider and then you’ll be the former owner of the entry level LaFerrari, and that’s just not cool.

Like my father famously states, the rich get richer and the poor get children.

We really love this picture
We really love this picture



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