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Best way to kick off 2015

Good enough to take on the 458?

What is the best way to kick off 2015?

Well, with the help from our friends at Roads & Rides  and the mighty roar of a V10 Lamborghini Huracán. <Insert manly excited noise here>

This is the car that has replaced the much loved, road ripping baby Lamborghini, the Gallardo, which by the time it reached the end of it’s production lifecycle, it came in many variations. Mostly four wheel drive with one very special, rear wheel drive tribute to Lamborghini’s most famous chief test driver Valentino Balboni.

With the ever changing, ever developing car industry moving at, what we believe to be a frantic, light-bending pace. New cars and concepts are being released faster then movies from Marvel. With that said, there are some companies who choose not to run at such a frantic pace, one of them being Lamborghini. So when they decide to update their current product range with an angry, four wheel drive, mini monster that snarls passed anything with less then 600 bhp, we should take the time out of our day to sit back and listen to what the Italian power house has to say.

So, plug in your head phones, no need for noise cancelling, this V10 does the trick, sit back and enjoy this Huracán whip up a storm on one of the sunniest days in California.

Good enough to take on the 458?
Good enough to take on the 458?

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It is pretty obvious that I like cars, wait, LOVE cars, but apart from that, I like to run too. I have a funny feeling that these two interests are somehow related. A bit like coffee and waking up, which are my next two favourite things!

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