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Nevermind cars, Jay Leno knows how to celebrate

Some might know Mr Jay Leno as the host of another tonight show, but in the world of firing pistons and smoking tyres, he is known as the man with arguably the most amazing Garage. So what does a man do when he leaves a talk show and all of a sudden has a little more time to throw around? Well one, he shows off his amazing car collection, and two, he reviews and test drives/rides new, old, modified, concept cars and bikes for our YouTube viewing pleasure. Now gaining access to so many different vehicles, Jay has managed to put together some of the most amazing reviews we have ever come across. There might not be any track battles, or this versus that time trial. Jay takes us for a visual tour through the car and then puts it on the street to give us a better understanding of how the car, or bike, deals with REAL LIFE DRIVING!

Ah, good work Jay... Good work!
Ah, good work Jay… Good work!

This brings us to one of the latest videos to leave Jay’s Garage. A video for the fans to say thank you to each and every person that has subscribed to the youtube channel. And how does Jay plan to celebrate this amazing milestone? Well, all I can tell you is that it involves a Mustang, a V8 Mustang.

With that said, on behalf of all car enthusiasts, we would like to thank Jay and the team for all of the burnt rubber, lateral G’s, screaming V8’s and rumbling exhausts that have been captured on camera and brought directly to our screens and happy petrol filled hearts through youtube.

Now check out the video below…


If you would like to become one of the million subscribers to Jay’s Garage, click here. 



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