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Every family has one, especially Ford

I usually go to bed fairly early to get in my prescribed 8 hours but it’s the eve of a public holiday so I thought I’d really burn the midnight oil.

9.30pm – finish watching The Martian starring Matt Damon, a mars rescue mission is pretty unbelievable but what’s even more unbelievable are the big name actors ability to act out the ridiculous dialogue with a straight face, it’s especially bad, I’m actually getting anxiety thinking back to it.

9.45pm – make coffee

9.55pm – check car news and go on Auto Trader, obvs;

Read an article today on Mountune, a British tuner, that has brought out factory-backed performance upgrades for the new Focus RS. They calling the package Phase Two. More power essentially.

RS on my mind, I thought I’d see if any were for sale on Auto Trader and guess what, there are a bunch! A few people are asking R900k, yes R900k for an albeit awesome, Ford hatchback. Out of interest, I cleared the search put a 900k price max just to see what would pop up and the first 3 options? 2014 BMW M3, 2006 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG (yes that’s the V12 bi-turbo) and a 2013 Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG. A bit of a silly comparison but you can’t argue that it doesn’t expose the cheek of that asking price.

What R900K, for a Focus RS?

You can advertise whatever car for whatever money you want, doesn’t mean that you are going to get that, and shit maybe these “okes” are taking a chance, but if someone pays R900k to avoid waiting or not getting a car at all then good on them, happy buyer happy seller.

My immediate thought is the bath you are going to take on this car, especially if you buy it for such a massive premium. No one really thinks these cars are investments but don’t fool yourself into thinking that the limited numbers will allow this car to hold some value. The market is excited about this RS at the moment and so they should be, but the fact of the matter is that this car is now just a regular range-topping Focus, there will be facelifts and new models hitting the market like clockwork and these cars will just be former high school heroes who were replaced by younger more athletic stock.

Then they are going to sit at a very awkward price point in the market, do you want a new Golf 8 GTI for example (whose performance will obviously be closer to the RS as these things go) or a second-hand old shape RS. Even now the demographic for these cars, especially in South Africa is kinda narrow, at that price point our market would lean towards the status that German Marques hold in SA.

*You basically selling these to high schoolers with parents who have more money than sense.

But what about the previous generation Ford Focus RS

The previous Focus RS is now making a lot more sense to buy and hold onto over the long-term as a potential investment. When that car came out the general perception was that it was a once off crazy experiment, these arrived in fewer numbers which meant that they are more limited in SA and again we saw prices that were inconceivable for any Ford model offered in SA across all the segments really.

These prices have dropped substantially now as expected. What this new car has done by having 4 wheel drive, relatively understated looks and a permanent position in the Focus line-up is create an icon out of its insane front wheel drive, ninja turtle green lunatic brother.


When the older RS blurs passed, you immediately think that’s something special, the aero-styling is in-your-face and that 5 pot motor sounds better than the new 4 pot, it just does. We at Feathered Throttle were lucky enough to have a drive in one that has the RS500 software upgrade and an aftermarket exhaust. Gear changes sounded like a gunshot, which was fitting because that car is a weapon and having that much power going to the front wheels will give you whiter knuckles than the final version of Michael Jackson. It’s not as quick as the new one, not even close but does it feel quicker? We are convinced it will.

A quicker lap time at a track means something but feeling engaged, terrified, childish and slightly out of control counts for a lot more on actual roads.

You’ll drive this latest RS and I’m sure you’ll be amazed, drive its replacement and you’ll probably wonder how you thought its older sibling was fast. Go back and drive the green-lunatic family member that should have been institutionalised and you’ll see why he wasn’t invited to family brunch at all.

The new “hot-hot” hatches have grown up, put on suits and entered the corporate world, aspiring to be like their mostly German bosses, the old RS seems to still be on a gap year, dating age inappropriate girls, but man when he walks into a room, you can’t help but think he is so cool.

Focus RS MK2 and MK3
Focus RS MK2 and MK3

2 thoughts on “Every family has one, especially Ford”

  1. Bobby says:

    Think I should invest?

  2. Marko Mandusic says:

    In the newer RS or the louder more “in your face” older brother? Wait, we think a yes would be the answer to both 🙂

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