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BMW M4 GTS is a miss

BMW M4 GTS is a miss

I don’t like BMWs but Marko, my Feathered Throttle partner does, a lot. But I don’t think even he can argue his way out of the terrible wheels they have put on the M4 GTS. Why, why, why?

BMW M4 GTS wheels

Can you even get the colour of the subwoofer box in the boot matched to that ridiculous gold? Also, will they put the Rockford Fosgate stickers on the car for you? The design of the rims is just not cool and doesn’t match the aesthetic of the brand. They are Lenasia after-market-chic, that’s a thing right?


They brought out the AMG GTR in a crazy green but at least it still has the air of class that a premium brand should have. The M4 GTS doesn’t look classy or out there, it looks like it could be confused for a 420i with a body kit and crap rims. Let’s see one in the flesh and re-group.

Mercedes AMG GTR
Mercedes AMG GTR

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