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New Focus RS reveal might come early

It is often said that they fastest way from one point to another is with a straight line. Mr. Ken Block believes that the happiest way from one point to another is by traveling sideways, as fast as you can, with as much tyre smoke as possible and the rev needle bouncing off the limiter as much as possible.

This might not necessarily be the fastest way from one point to another, but is arguably more entertaining and shows off a different set of driving skills. More showman than pin-point executioner.

So to get the world excited about yet another hardcore hatchback, that could possibly topple and dethrone the rather x-rated A45 AMG, beastly M135 and understated Golf R and S3/RS3, it looks like Ford have turned to their most loveable, internet hero. Ken Block.

The car in question? No, it isn’t the Mustang. That pony is currently prancing out of most Ford stables, worldwide, quite comfortably. One car that is most certainly making the life of a new-car salesman much easier.

No, we have a little promo video where apparently Mr. Block is behind the wheel of theFocus RS prototype. To be honest, it would be in Ford’s best interest to use Ken as much as possible. Let’s face it, he is an extraordinary driver who could provide a mountain’s worth of insight and advice about the development of the new RS. Plus this little instagram from Ken pretty much shows that he has been driving the car. DUH!

A little clue from Ken Block that he has been driving the RS prototype
A little clue from Ken Block that he has been driving the RS prototype

Ford plan to reveal the car to the public on the 3rd of February 2015. Well so says Mike Levine.

So what do we know so far about this little monster? Luckily the rad dudes at Road & Track have been digging around for us and their Ford source has revealed some exciting news about the globally available Focus RS.

” The new car wipes the board clean and starts over. In addition to AWD, the RS will be the only Focus to pack Ford’s new 2.3-liter Ecoboost four-cylinder, available now in the Lincoln MKC and very soon in the 2015 Mustang.” 



The 2016 Focus RS in all of’s camo glory.

Testing...Testing 1..2..3
Testing…Testing 1..2..3
Didn't see you there with your camo on!
Didn’t see you there with your camo on!

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