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Every family has one, especially Ford

The previous Focus RS is now making a lot more sense to buy and hold onto over the long-term as a potential investment. When that car came out the general perception was that it was a once off crazy experiment, these arrived in fewer numbers which meant that they are more limited in SA and again we saw prices that were inconceivable for any Ford model offered in SA across all the segments really.

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LaFerrari, the cheapest car ever?

Saying a Ferrari, let alone its flagship hypercar is the cheapest car ever seems like a ridiculous notion and even though it’s on the internet, it simply can’t be true. Well it is, the 500 or so buyers who were afforded the opportunity to buy a LaFerrari essentially paid zero Dollars for it.

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Makes zero sense Vol.1

Driving to work yesterday I saw a Golf 6 GTI cabriolet. Now that’s a rare sighting! Having never read about or watched a review on it, I wouldn’t be able to say if it’s any good but the market certainly hasn’t embraced it. I stand to be corrected, but I don’t think there are any plans to build a Golf 7 cabriolet even.

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Is the CSL BMW’s finest “M”

In 2003, BMW revealed its E46 M3, Mercedes rumbled with the C32 AMG and Audi unleashed its mountain passing, tar ripping four wheel drive RS4. Again, each very unique and absolutely brilliant, but as Audi and Mercedes went to bed thinking that they had done their absolute best to compete, but little did they know that BMW revealed had something special up their sleeves.